Aurora Celebrates Our Differences In New Song 'Queendom'

If you haven't heard of Aurora yet, it's time to stop living under a rock. Her 2016 debut All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend reserved her place as a force to be reckoned with, though in as gentle a way possible. Her folky, down-to-earth atmosphere translates beautifully into her music, and every song has serenity and powerful meaning behind it.

After taking two years to tour and get back in touch with her own little world for new music, Aurora is back and has truly delivered. Aurora celebrates our differences in her new song 'Queendom,' a fun and innocent song that tries to find the best in all of us. The song quickly bursts to life with a very CHVRCHES-esque intro, Aurora's gentle voice kicking the song off by giving minorities power: "The underdogs are my lions / The silent ones are my choir / The women will be my soldiers." While a bit poppier and electronic than her former songs, 'Queendom' is intrinsically an Aurora song, her voice telluric and optimistic as it soars above the instrumental, giving everyone who listens to it hope.

'Queendom' is like an anthem for the oppressed, but doesn't call for revolution. It's a celebration, not a call to arms. Aurora looks upon the world as her oyster, claiming that "the mountains are my throne" and that she "made this queendom on my own." In this vast queendom of hers, she strives for tranquility and equality; even while being the queen, she so gently assures the listener: "Drink until you’ve had enough / I’ll drink from your hands / I will be your warrior / I will be your lamb." Aurora celebrates those who feel like an outcast and assures them that the true beauty lies within kindness and the spread of love, and that on the inside there is no reason to hate each other for our differences.

Aurora celebrates our differences in her new song 'Queendom,' an uplifting little pop anthem that aims to give those who feel like outcasts hope. Her gentleness and spirituality has not been lost in the time since her debut came out. With her second album on the way, we can only wait eagerly as the fairy pop queen gets ready to show us a new part of her mysterious little world.

Rating: 86 / 100

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