Thirty Seconds To Mars Dives Deeper Into A New Sound In 'One Track Mind'

30 Seconds To Mars has been really owning their new sound with the first two singles off of their upcoming album AMERICA. With the album now due in just two weeks, the hype is intensifying, and what better way to keep that going than a new song that's yet another new take on their indie pop exploration? Thirty Seconds To Mars dives deeper into a new sound in 'One Track Mind' with A$AP Rocky, taking on a whole new soundscape.

The sensual element of Thirty Seconds To Mars has always been either visual (the music video for 'Hurricane') or has come with a positive spin ('Up In The Air' and 'Dangerous Night'). 'One Track Mind' is a dark take on it, almost like you'd expect from The WeekndJared Leto sings slowly with a tasteful amount of autotune to give it that extra sense of sensuality, the chorus softly crooning "I have a one track mind, there is a method to the madness," leading into a big bass-filled drop with wonderful affected falsettos and massive drums. The end comes with a giant guitar solo that rings in the distance as the bass explodes one last time, adding some grandiose to the track just before it ends.

Guest spots on a Thirty Seconds To Mars album aren't a common occurrence (Kanye West on 'Hurricane 2.0' being the only one that's made it onto an album), but the band are all about trying new things on AMERICA. A$AP Rocky is one of two guests on the album, and his contribution to 'One Track Mind' is pretty tasteful. His verse is delivered with a lonely, longing attitude, his words painting a similar scene: "I'm not in the rain time / Come alive in the nighttime / When the rain stay / When the rain mine / Love is like problems, we all got 'em." He even throws in a reference to the band for that extra bit of wordplay: "Heard it's only 30 seconds 'til Mars / Then it take you even less just to get to my heart."

Thirty Seconds To Mars dives deeper into a new sound in 'One Track Mind,' turning over new stones while successfully exploring a massive new soundscape. It's dark, sensual, and daring - a combination that can only go right. AMERICA is shaping up to be a very different album, and each moment that comes from it is thrilling.

Rating: 90 / 100

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