Shawn Mendes Longs For Love In 'Lost In Japan'

Just yesterday, Shawn Mendes dropped one of his most emotional songs yet with the grief-stricken 'In My Blood' (read our review of the song here). He's continuing to promote his upcoming album with another track, but this time its a bit more sensual. Shawn Mendes longs for love in 'Lost In Japan,' a song about unconditional love.

'Lost In Japan' is immediately poppier than 'In My Blood,' its smooth piano introduction leading into a funky, punchy bassline that supports Mendes' crooning: "All it'd take is one flight / We'd be in the same time zone." The song builds as it goes, the bass become more prominent and background guitars helping build the atmosphere, harmonies growing and Mendes' words becoming increasingly sensual and obsessed as the song goes on.

On the surface, it may seem like just another song about lust. Looking at the lyrics, however, it's clear that 'Lost In Japan' is more of a song about passion than anything else. The chorus is highly sensual with imagery of knives cutting the tension in the air and intimacy, ending with the reassurance that "It'll only be a couple hours / And I'm about to leave." The song also goes to show Mendes' loyalty, that even the distance between he and his lover can't get in the way of his love.

Shawn Mendes longs for love in 'Lost In Japan,' creating a sensual atmosphere and an intimate tone to really get that song going. It's a poppier number than the previous song, and shows promise for his upcoming album. He's got a lot of different emotions channeled into lots of different types of songs - that can only mean good things.

Rating: 86 / 100

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