Shawn Mendes Faces His Insecurities In New Song 'In My Blood'

Even the most beloved people in the world struggle with mental health, and over the last year that's become very apparent. While prepping the music for his next album, it seems popstar Shawn Mendes has been digging deep to get those feelings out, as well. Shawn Mendes faces his insecurities in his new song 'In My Blood,' a pop rock ballad that faces his inner demons head on.

'In My Blood' isn't groundbreaking, but it's a good song nonetheless. The production is big and a bit more stadium-rocking than some of his past material, really taking on a sort of restrained Coldplay vibe. Mendes' vocals are great, the choruses coming in loud as he sounds pained in contrast to the more mellow, thoughtful verses. You can really tell he's searching for relief from the thoughts that haunt him throughout the song.

The song really serves as a testament to the idea that depression can affect anyone, regardless of fame and fortune. The chorus even seems to reference one of the most heartbreaking losses to depression that came just last year: Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. Amongst other lines that also seem to be in reference to him, Mendes sings "I'm crawling in my skin," a direct quote from the band's 2000 hit 'Crawling.' As major Linkin Park fans ourselves, it's nice to see that connection, but even nicer to see someone speaking out in the name of spreading mental awareness and trying to come to terms with their own inner turmoil.

Shawn Mendes faces his insecurities in his new song 'In My Blood,' trying to go face to face with his inner demons and singing to help understand his inner dialogues better. It's not a life-changing song, but it's a powerful one nonetheless, with sweet dynamics and nice melodies to match it for that perfect pop statement.

Rating: 88 / 100

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