Blink-182 Defined An Era With "Enema Of The State"

Blink-182 is a band that can never steer you wrong. Their music can take you back to a time of fun and recklessness, while still reminding you to remember to keep having those moments in the present. Blink-182 defined an era with Enema Of The State, their classic album that helped pull the last of 90s punk into the present, tying up the decade while still looking ahead.

Blink-182 really sounds on top in Enema Of The State. The music has an underdog essence to it, which is what helped people gravitate towards them in the first place. Songs like 'Adam's Song' and 'Don't Leave Me' have that sort of beaten down, hometown optimism to it has the ability to really connect with anyone. Blink-182 stick to anything but being beaten down, however: Enema Of The State is a lot of raw, fun energy that keeps things moving ahead at all times. From the big opening of 'Dumpweed' to the final hurrah of closing track 'Anthem,' the band never lose that sense of being in the moment.

The beauty of Enema Of The State and a lot of pop punk music in the same vein is how it captures a moment. The second you hear a song like the classic 'All The Small Things,' for example, you're taken back to a specific part of your life. The music captures moments that are important to us, partially because it comes from those moments that were most influential in our lives. From middle-school to college, Blink-182's music also feels caught in that fight for independence, and just like us it seems to be finding its own voice as we listen to it, even today.

Blink-182 defined an era with Enema Of The State, creating timeless music that was just about as insecure as we were when the music defined important times of our life. Like we can with any point of our life, we can always turn to music and then come back to it and have the memories they carry flood back, but Blink-182's music goes that extra mile by seeming to learn how to deal with issues just as you do. The music grows with you, something that doesn't come by often.

Favorite Tracks: All The Small Things, Aliens Exist

Least Favorite Track: What's My Age Again?

Rating: 79 / 100

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