Metallica Set The Standard Of Metal In "Master Of Puppets"

Metallica are one of the few metal bands that can claim to be household names, and it's for good reason. The band took metal and made it massive, defining the genre with their thrash attack and rolling riffs. It's no surprise that as well as defining it, they set the precedents for everything to come, as well. Metallica set the standard of metal in Master Of Puppets, their classic 1986 record that really helped put metal on the map.

Master Of Puppets takes no time to get going. After the deceivingly pretty introduction of 'Battery,' the riffs roll in tenfold. A chugging riff and driving drums to pair help 'Battery' bring the record to a bustling start, preceding one of the band's first acclaimed classics: the title track, 'Master Of Puppets.' The eight minute epic roars confidently and angrily, constantly changing and switching between its guitar-led anger and electrifying solos. It's a diverse song as is, becoming even more grand as it goes. This song challenges a lot of quo's, all of which it smashes with confidence.

Metallica isn't all about the riffs, though they are an important part of the equation. 'The Thing That Should Not Be' is characterized by its anger that follows its dramatic intro, while the same can be said for the erratic and frantic closing track 'Damage, Inc.' that is massive with its chaotic solos that follows the ethereal intro. It brings the album to a bustling close, just as it should. Songs like 'Welcome Home (Sanitarium)' serve as the meat of the record, the epic jam ending leading straight into the intense 'Disposable Heroes.' With huge drive, it's clear to see how Metallica inspired many to come and set a clear goal for many to reach: something epic with a taste of grandiose.

Metallica set the standard of metal in Master Of Puppets, providing some powerful tracks to pave the way for those yet to come. Metallica's influence is undeniable and their legacy impossible to match in metal. Master Of Puppets was the metal album to define all that came after.

Favorite Tracks: Damage, Inc.; Disposable Heroes, Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Least Favorite Track: Leper Messiah

Rating: 75 / 100

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