Nina Kinert Delivered Enchanting Pop In 2010's "Red Leader Dream"

Pop music is always changing, and it’s always interesting to look at the trends it went through during its history. In the early 2010’s, there was this rise in smoother, emotional pop that gave way to artists like Adele. Before Adele, however, the smaller artists had to build this new form of pop from scratch. One of those artists is Swedish singer Nina Kinert. Nina Kinert delivered enchanting pop in 2010’s Red Leader Dream, a sweet pop record with a lot of dynamic.

The tone of Red Leader Dream is set right from the start with the enchanting track ‘Moonwalker.’ The song’s sweet synths and reverberating atmosphere captures you, wrapping you in for the ride. Several other songs have a similar enchanting atmosphere to them, like the more tempting, suggestive track ‘Wings.’ Other songs don’t quite mystify you, but they do make an impact, such as the chill ‘Down On Heaven,’ which does admittedly feel like it goes on for just a bit too long.

While some tracks grab you in, others play with your emotions. Red Leader Dream isn’t what you’d call an energetic album, but there are definitely a few tracks that have a nice drive to them. The earliest example is ‘Play The World‘ with its more active beat. Things stay up gently but with certainty for the rest of the record, ‘4-Ever‘ delivering more forward pop energy later on in the record. ‘Original Sin‘ follows, being one of the records most intimate and personal songs as Kinert laments over a haunting piano. The record doesn’t end on a painful note, though: closing track ‘25‘ takes things out on a sweet but spiraling end.

Nina Kinert delivered enchanting pop in 2010’s Red Leader Dream, picking up on the foundations of a building genre and making it her own. Pop is constantly changing pace, and this record found itself i the between period of two eras.

Favorite Track: Original Sin

Least Favorite Track: Down On Heaven

Rating: 73 / 100

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