Nils Frahm Builds Mysterious Atmosphere In "All Melody"

Nils Frahm is the unquestioned master of classical contemporary music, and he's making sure everyone knows it. His new album takes his creativity to another level as he focusses more on the electronic aspect of the music and takes the atmosphere to a new level. Nils Frahm builds mysterious atmosphere in All Melody.

All Melody feels magically right from the start with 'The Whole Universe Wants To Be Touched,' a peaceful and beautiful piece that serves as a wonderful start to the record. It's the small moments and intricacies throughout the record like this that really tie it all together; one of the most haunting moments on the record is 'My Friend The Forest,' a piano piece that really highlights the ambience around the keys. There's something in the hammers of the piano hitting the strings and the ambience of the studio really puts you in a forest while you listen to it. 'Harm Hymn' wraps up the record on an ethereal note that brings the atmospheric journey to a sweet close, but not before 'Momentum' will chill you with its chorale and deep melodies.

The layers of electronics throughout All Melody really make the album shine. The nine minute epics 'All Melody' and '#2' are constantly changing and sound beautiful with each note, the first staying true to title and combining several melodies together in incredible ways, while the latter builds off of gorgeous arpeggios and synths to make for a truly wonderful experience. 'Sunson' really gets the atmosphere and mysterious vibe of the record, changing to become a more atmospheric piece. from beginning to end, All Melody captures a beautiful atmosphere and never breaks character.

Nils Frahm builds mysterious atmosphere in All Melody, creating a beautiful world and taking each listener on a wonderful journey. It's almost effortless as much as it is so intricate, each note is planned while so simple. It's simplicity made into beauty, and complexity made to look easy.

Favorite Tracks: My Friend The Forest, #2, Human Range

Least Favorite Track: Fundamental Values

Rating: 77 / 100

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