Linkin Park Share Heartbreaking Tribute Video To Chester With 'One More Light'

A part of everyone is still trying to cope with the loss of Chester Bennington. It hasn't yet been two months since he left us and it's still almost unbelievable to think he's no longer with us. The Linkin Park community have been showing an incredible amount of support to the band's members in this hard time, and the band is ready to get their gears rolling again. Linkin Park has shared a heartbreaking tribute video to Chester with the music video for 'One More Light.'

Of all of the songs off of the band's latest record One More Light, the title track was the least likely to get the single treatment. But given everything that's happened, it's the only one that can properly do the record real justice. While initially being bashed for its poppy surface, many failed to see where the emotion lied: in the lyrics. The album showed that pain hides beneath the surface. The bright exterior shrouded stood out more than the emotion behind the lyrics: the reality of depression that fans had to learn tragically through the loss of Chester.

'One More Light' was the song that dealt with loss, and it's truly the perfect send off for Chester. The music video, directed by the band's very own Joe Hahn, showcases the life of Chester during his time with Linkin Park, showing footage of him performing and being on tour all the way back from the band's earliest years. Various footage of him performing 'One More Light,' standing angelically in the crowd, is interspersed through the video, the connection between his fans and his music being beautifully shown. The perfect thing about the music video is that it shows Chester as more than just a performer with Linkin Park. It shows him as a human, just like any of us, smiling and enjoying life as it came. He spread happiness and joy, and by giving fans comfort in his heartfelt words he also made memories worth a lifetime.

Linkin Park's heartbreaking tribute video to Chester in 'One More Light' is a hard one to watch, but an important one all the same. One More Light is an album that illustrates depression as it is: hidden on the outside but so powerful on the inside. It's not easy to let go of loss or lose a hero, but in time we will all get there. Chester's legacy and soul is here to last lifetimes. Let's hold onto the good memories and the lessons he taught us and continue on into the future. Let's make Chester proud.

Video Rating: 100 / 100