U2 Premiere Anthemic New Song 'The Blackout'

It's been a long time coming for U2's next album, Songs Of Experience after controversially releasing their last album Songs Of Innocence to all iTunes users in 2014. The wait is finally over, as the band is preparing to launch their next album. U2 has premiered their anthemic new song 'The Blackout' with an eclectic performance video.

'The Blackout' is a fresh sound for U2, also bringing out the best of them once again. Bono takes over the track, commanding it with big vocals and, in the song's performance, a huge presence. The entire song sounds a lot more of the times than U2 has been in their most recent efforts, even bringing back some of their more driven, urgent tones from earlier efforts. 'The Blackout' is what should've been U2 for a long time.

The band released the song via a live performance video streamed on Facebook, showcasing the band playing the song to a live crowd. The audio is live, so some details of the track may be lost, but just from the live performance it does sound very promising. The roll of the track, the way the crowd reacted to it, Bono's control, and even The Edge's guitar lines all scream energy. There's something brooding in how Bono shouts "when the lights go out" in the chorus that gives it a great alternative vibe that was the best of U2's 80s era. It's modern but doesn't let the past fall into obscurity.

U2's Songs Of Experience is set to be a great comeback for the band. Their anthemic new song 'The Blackout' packs a big punch and really puts U2 back onto a modern stage. It may very well be a new era for the band, and it's looking to be a very promising one. Details of the album and another single entitled 'You're The Best Thing About Me' will be out on September 6, so check back on the site for more.

Rating: 86 / 100