U2 Made A Big Statement With "War"

Back in the 80s, every artist had a statement to make. Whether it was about the state of society or what laid ahead for the future, everyone had something to say. U2 made a big statement with War, their third album that sent a strong message about the emotional aftereffects of war.

Right from the very start of the record, U2 already starts with a powerful message. 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' opens the album with its very welcoming intro and great melodies, the big choruses standing against the violence in Northern Ireland and the rest of the world. 'Seconds' follows through with a lot of groove and style, carrying on the album's message by speaking on the subject of nuclear weaponry. The record brings to light a lot of aspects of the state of war in the world and questions the line of the human emotion behind all the choices that had caused us to reach such a place in history, powerfully bringing together the message they wanted to achieve.

Musically, War is a pretty diverse record. The classic U2 alternative sound is what makes up most of the first half of the record, especially in the glimmering guitars and fantastic vocals in 'Drowning Man,' and as it progresses there are some more experimental chances taken. 'Surrender' takes a jazzy route near the end of the record before '"40"' draws from Psalm 40 to close the record off on a spiritual note. There are some poppier numbers, like 'New Year's Day' and the emotional 'Two Hearts Beat As One,' and even a sillier take in 'The Refugee' that really sounds like everything about the upbeat tone of the 80s shined in a weird light. There isn't really a boring moment on War.

As the threat of war grows and evolves, we still find ourselves questioning today where the line between mindless killing and being human is drawn. U2 made a big statement with War, discussing where that line was at in 1983. Now, in 2017, we still find ourselves thinking of many of the same sentiments Bono had. If we don't learn from the past, we're doomed to repeat it in the future. U2's message is still as relevant as ever.

Favorite Tracks: Drowning Man, Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day

Least Favorite Track: The Refugee

Rating: 83 / 100

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