10 Years Return With Punchy New Single 'Novacaine'

It's been two years since we last heard from 10 Years, their last record From Birth To Burial being one of our favorite albums of 2015. The band is back and ready to bring more jams. 10 Years has returned with a punchy new single called 'Novacaine' from their upcoming album (how to live) AS GHOSTS

The most striking thing about 'Novacaine' is its much more alternative sound. It doesn't have the angry aggression of songs like 'Miscellanea' or 'From Birth To Burial' from the last record, nor does it have a sort of faraway emotion like classics from their discography including 'Wasteland.' It definitely has 10 Years written all over it, however, as Jesse Hasek's vocals soar above the big guitars of the choruses. The bridge has even bigger guitar moments, the song coming to a close with its very anthemic final chorus.

'Novacaine' is an interesting sound for the band. It's going to be grower for fans. It doesn't feel like the band is showcasing everything they're capable of in it, but it's definitely turning over a new page, which is always a good thing, especially when have a tight hold on it like 10 Years does. The choruses and intro riff have a punchy rock n' roll vibe to it, the more familiar 10 Years riffage coming in during the choruses. Bringing in new elements while keeping traces of the old around is the way forward for any band.

10 Years has returned with a punchy new single 'Novacaine' that's ready to take over the alternative rock world. It's new ground for the band as much as it is familiar territory, the band having both feet planted firmly on both sides. Their new record (how to live) AS GHOSTS will be out on October 27, so be sure to follow us on social media for our review on it. Whether or not the entire album will be delivering these alternative cuts is to be seen, but whatever direction it goes, 10 Years will definitely deliver.

Rating: 80 / 100

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