Evanescence Breathe New Life Into 'Bring Me To Life' on "Synthesis"

Evanescence's 'Bring Me To Life' has always been an iconic song of the early 2000s music scene, for better or for worse. The band went on hiatus before returning to the touring scene at the end of 2015, and now they're coming back with new versions of old songs, as well as some new ones. Evanescence breathe new life into 'Bring Me To Life' on Synthesis, their upcoming record.

The drama of the original 'Bring Me To Life' made it the staple gothic rock song. The drama of the song is not gone, but its more gritty elements certain are on the Synthesis version. The new version is almost exclusively orchestra, with ghastly violins and bombarding basses giving the track a new cinematic presence. Amy Lee's vocals are rerecorded and electronics feature throughout the track to give it a matured and evolved sound.

While the version from Fallen is undoubtedly a classic, this version of 'Bring Me To Life' is perhaps just as powerful, if not more. The cinematic sound of the strings sounds so fitting for the band, every single note having a powerful influence on the entire track. The new voicings but Evanescence on a modern stage and sheds the angsty skin that is usually held against them. There's a new power in Lee's voice that has perhaps come with experience and age, a new conviction breathing life into the words of the song even if they haven't changed. Overall, it's a powerful reimagining of the track that brings it into a new light.

Evanescence breathe new life into 'Bring Me To Life' on Synthesis, their upcoming album with orchestral revisions of older tracks as well as some new ones. If this song is any indicator of the rest of the record, then you can fully expect that this record will be more than just renditions of these songs. They're a full reimagining of some iconic tracks that will have a brand new power.

Rating: 90 / 100