Green Day Never Lost A Glimmer Of Energy In "Nimrod"

Though they've hit some bumps in the road in recent years, there are few bands who've been able to stand the test of time like Green Day have. They've been pumping out high energy bangers for decades and never lost sight of who they were. Green Day never lost a glimmer of energy in Nimrod, their 1997 album that brought their alternative punk sound to a new height.

Nimrod isn't the most iconic Green Day album out there (it came in that period between Dookie and American Idiot that most people seem to forget about), but it definitely had its moments where it gave Green Day a boost. 'Hitchin' A Ride' appears early on the record, its cool Middle Eastern intro leading into some epic energy that gave it a huge presence and blasted the energy into the album. The energy really stayed consistent throughout, whether it became the silly punchiness of 'King For A Day' or the huge aggression of 'Playtpus (I Hate You).' Nimrod always finds a way to stay alive and ready to burst into the next track.

The album doesn't step away from trying some different things. The instrumental 'Last Ride In' takes some chances with some fun sounds and just a really cool atmosphere. 'Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)' strips things down providing for an intimate moment amidst the insanity of the record, offering up a nice and sweet tone to the end of the record. The run down delivery of 'Walking Alone' also provides a sense of rawness to the album. Not all risks really work out, though; for example, the mocking tone of 'The Grouch' just comes off as a tad too rash.

Green Day never lost a glimmer of energy in Nimrod, keeping things rolling and fresh from start to finish. While there aren't many high points, there aren't many low points either and it all comes together pretty nicely. The band is back in full shape today and they're still rolling with all the punches, so don't expect them to lose the energy they showed here any time soon.

Favorite Tracks: Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), Hitchin' A Ride

Least Favorite Track: The Grouch

Rating: 75 / 100

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