Margo Price's "All-American Made" Makes A Big Statement

Country music hasn't been come to known for having an agenda, but music is always changing. The popularized country music still isn't much more than getting drunk and trucks, but those who stick with the genre's classic sound have some quality to them. Margo Price's All-American Made makes a big statement on many fronts.

Anything pigeonholed into a recurring theme over and over again becomes bland. It's very refreshing to hear a change in direction for country on Price's new album. The tones of the genre are still there, but its in the messages that the album really shines. 'Don't Say It' introduces the album on a safe note, establishing the album's more folkier atmosphere. Price doesn't wait around for change to eventually come around. She gets right to the point in 'Weakness,' a track that fully delves into her self-perceived weaknesses. It's incredibly honest and you really feel the genuine nature of her voice coming out. That's something missing from a lot of music in general.

Price's messages extend beyond just personal reflection. All-American Made takes things to grand scales. 'Pay Gap' is a direct tirade on how women are discriminated against in America (and the world), slamming the country and the idea of gender discrimination. Title track 'All-American Made' is another commentary on the government, using samples of speeches from political leaders and ending the album off with an uplifting resolve. There is still reflection to be heard, though; it's most beautifully done in 'Learning To Lose,' where the dichotomy of Price's younger, unexperienced voice and the old, weathered resolve of Willie Nelson's voice going together wonderfully.

Margo Price's All-American Made makes a big statement on a lot of topics. It slams society and politics, while still finding time to reflect on her own life. The music takes things back to country's roots, and in a genre full of contrived nonsense, it stands as a wonderful output.

Favorite Tracks: A Little Pain, All-American Made

Least Favorite Track: Cocaine Cowboys

Rating: 77 / 100

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