Royal Blood Return With Blistering New Track 'Lights Out'

It was only two days ago that Royal Blood announced their long-awaited sophomore album How Did We Get So Dark?, and now they've offered up the first taste of new music from the record. Royal Blood return with blistering new track 'Lights Out' that sees them continuing their rocking tirade.

'Lights Out' is as Royal Blood as it gets. Kicking off with a raging bass guitar riff, the duo of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher bring the track to a driven start with the growling bass and groovy beat. When the chorus kicks in, things rev up a notch as the bass becomes powerful and the drums crash, Kerr's voice roaring with backing vocals supporting it. The bass guitar changes up the riff, but it all gets a bit more funky when the bass solo kicks in. A brief drum interlude precedes it before the solo dramatically comes marching in, at the end crashing back into the epic chorus.

The music video is pretty shocking. It's introduced with the band jamming it out in the middle of a white room, but as the chorus kicks in, dozens of people are seen swimming in the ceiling. They disappear as the verse comes back in, but more women are seen swimming on every surface of the room, before the entire room is filled with swimmers in every inch and corner. The solo is brought in by a pretty sensual clip of a woman who then switches on Kerr's guitar pedal. The strobing red light gives a visceral tone to the room in which Kerr plays his solo as the swimmers dance around him. It's a crazy video that seems really far out there but really captures the intense movements of the track.

Royal Blood's comeback is looking huge. 'Lights Out' is a blistering track that doesn't see Royal Blood change much, but shows their sound hasn't lost any power. How Did We Get So Dark? is due out in June, and be sure to check our news post on the album to see the album details.

Rating: 87 / 100

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