Paramore Continues Their Evolution With 'Told You So'

Paramore's new album After Laughter is only a week away, but the band still have one more taste of it to share before we hear the entire thing. The next song following lead single 'Hard Times' sees the band return to some familiar tones but still maintaining their new song. Paramore continues their evolution with 'Told You So,' a sad song put to some upbeat melodies.

Some elements of Paramore that were absent in 'Hard Times' make a return in 'Told You So.' For one, there's a bit more rebellion in Hayley Williams' voice. Her vocals, especially in the choruses, definitely have a familiar sound to them. Behind her more upfront vocals, punchy guitars and sweet licks repeat themselves throughout the track, making the track sound like something between 'Hard Times' and the band's last, self-titled record.

Beyond that, 'Told You So' is another big departure for the band. We didn't rate 'Hard Times' too highly, but since that review the song has definitely grown on us. 'Told You So' feels like a safer example of the new sound for the band, Hayley's voice big and the drive of the track locked down. Everything else about it is essentially what 'Hard Times' has going on - electronic moments, dinky guitar diddles, and the old-school funkiness.

Paramore continues their evolution with 'Told You So' and it's really coming together nicely. Fans who weren't immediately sold on 'Hard Times' should definitely be coming around, especially after hearing this song. It's less of a risk than the debut single, but 'Told You So' definitely holds its ground.

Rating: 85 / 100

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