Imagine Dragons Deliver Epic New Song 'Believer'

To be completely honest, we weren't sure what to expect of Imagine Dragons after the subpar effort that was 'Levitate.' The band has been busy preparing their next record, and to hype it up they've released the epic, driven 'Believer' as its first real single.

Take everything epic about some of Imagine Dragons' biggest tracks and combine them all into one sweet track, and you have 'Believer.' It's like the hybrid lovechild of 'I'm So Sorry,' 'Gold,' and 'Battle Cry.' The song begins relatively quiet, acoustic guitar creepily chugging along, with a deep synth recurring in the background before Dan Reynolds starts singing in his signature dark but poppy way. The simple yet confident percussion also provides some tension for the track. Things explode in the chorus, where harmonies back Reynolds epic cries and the instrumentals become subtly more intense.

'Believer' shows a lot of promise for their next album. Unlike 'Levitate,' this song intrinsically feels like Imagine Dragons. It's not shadowed by the need to appeal to a demographic, nor is it trying to hard to be a big change for them. It's a natural conglomeration of some of Imagine Dragons' signature and most memorable elements. Dramatic atmosphere, big choruses, huge vocals - it's a formula for success for this band that never fails to do them well.

Imagine Dragons haven't formally announced when their third record is due, but nonetheless 'Believer' has made us excited for it. Things weren't looking too high in terms of the new record, but that's all changed. The band's third album is bound to be huge, and we can't wait to hear it.

Rating: 92 / 100

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