Two Worlds Collided In LCD Soundsystem's "Sound Of Silver"

When discussing indie music, it's not right to exclude LCD Soundsystem from the discussion if you're talking about the most influential bands in the genre. The band is renowned for their distinct groove and electronic sound meeting a rock texture, but two worlds collided on their sophomore album Sound Of Silver.

At the time, the band were running off of the massive single 'Daft Punk Is Playing At My House,' and in several ways it felt like the band was trying to use that same sound throughout the record in order to boost this record. The record has some very electronic-oriented numbers on it, namely 'Watch The Tapes.' It has groove and everything the band has capitalized on in the past to make their sound unique, and the electronic and dance influence is very much noticeable. The lyrics and pretty off-kilter and a bit too silly for my own liking, but it does fall in line with the band's aesthetic.

'North American Scum' is similar, but it basically does everything 'Watch The Tapes' does, but better. The groove is very tight but still has a very fun vibe to it. The interjections from Nancy Whang add a rebellious side to the record, and the almost satirical nature of the song really does it wonders. The big, rocking choruses compliment the dance vibes really well, adding a bigger punch and more drive than many other tracks have.

There's a lot of different sounds on this record, and it's really refreshing to hear even now, a decade later. There's indie rock hitting head on with dance and electronic music, with a slight jazzy flair to it, as well. 'Get Innocuous' opens the record immediately spreading some light, open dance beats and edgy synths to give it a dramatic but flashy intro. 'Time To Get Away' follows up with a more simple beat, but a very unique vocal delivery from James Murphy. It's almost akin to a bird song, how it almost chirps in its falsetto.

Part of this record feels to caught up in its own sound. It's not quite pretentious, but it does seem to dance in a circle around the matter. It's obnoxious punk flair doesn't really help it in songs like 'Watch The Tapes,' and at the end of the album when the closing track 'New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down' slows things down for a more personal ending, it just feels insincere to a degree. That's what brings a lot of tracks down at the end of the record.

LCD Soundsystem is as influential as they are because they don't care about boundaries. Two worlds collide in Sound Of Silver, and it makes the music unique and adds a lot of character. The album does feel as if it gets caught up in its own cockiness, but in a way that adds to its own charm. LCD Soundsystem are currently working on their big comeback album - we'll see if they still have their style to them.

Favorite Track: North American Scum

Least Favorite Track: Watch The Tapes

Rating: 72 / 100

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