Taylor Swift Announces Sixth Album "Reputation" After Cryptic Teasing

Taylor Swift has announced her sixth album Reputation after cryptic teasing over the last few days that sent her fanbase into a frenzy. Swift has been on a semi-hiatus after finishing up touring for her last record, 2014's 1989.

Swift announced her new album today after posting promotional pictures to her social media, which were recently wiped blank. The images claim that the album's first single will be dropping tomorrow, while another announces that Reputation will be released on November 10. The third image is a new promotional picture of Taylor, possibly being the album cover.

Over the previous days, Swift had posted various posts that teased this announcement. She published several videos of a snake, no captions coming with them. All that can be seen is the snake slithering and hissing in front of a black background. These videos sent fans scrambling for clues, but luckily the announcement wasn't far off.

Swift recently went to court after former Denver radio show host DJ David Mueller sued her for claiming he had groped her backstage in 2013. The jurors voted in her favor, as she claimed $1 from the case. Only shortly after this case came to a close, Taylor Swift is back with a new album in perhaps a savvy way of coming back.

Reputation will be out on November 10, 2017. Be sure to follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) so you don't miss out on our review! Sign up for our newsletter to get weekly updates on the latest music.