Track Titles For Paramore's New Album Have Leaked!

Fans have been eagerly waiting for news on Paramore's next album, but haven't had much beyond the occasional studio pictures and progress reports from Hayley Williams. It now looks like the biggest news yet is on its way, however: the track titles from the band's fifth album have now leaked!

Paramore's kept things under wraps lately, but their ACE Repertoire page has been updated with new track titles that appear to be from the band's new album. The ACE Repertory is a database documenting all of the works Paramore (and several other artists who use the service) has written or performed, and crediting the writers and composers that helped with each track.

The alleged track titles from Paramore's fifth album are as follows. Note, they are in alphabetical order and not in the order that they will appear on the record:

  • Caught In The Middle
  • Fake Happy
  • Forgiveness
  • Grudges
  • Hard Times
  • Idle Worship
  • Idle Worship Outro
  • Pool
  • Rose Colored Boy
  • Tell Me How
  • Told You So
  • What It Costs

What do you think of these track titles? Paramore has been working on their latest album for ages, ever since the touring for 2013's Paramore wrapped up in 2015. The band's previous drummer Zac Farro (who left the band during the Brand New Eyes era) is back with them, so we can expect some great things for the band's new music too.

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