Pendulum Is Back!

EDM fans rejoice! Australian EDM / alternative rock band Pendulum is back!

The band posted a video to their Twitter page featuring distorted black and white scenes, concluding with the band's logo. They linked a new website as well: The site features the same video as a background, with the ominous "2017..." written under the band's name. You can subscribe to the newsletter on the site to find out more.  

Pendulum's comeback has been in the works for awhile now. The band played a series of shows in 2016, kicking it all off with a huge return performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Florida. The band played DJ sets and shows around Europe and the rest of the world, even playing a New Year's Eve show in their hometown to wrap things up.

It's been years since the band's last effort - 2010's Immersion. The band was on hiatus since 2012, but now that the band is coming back, perhaps 2017 will be even greater than we thought it would be.