Halsey To Release A New Album This Year!

It's been awhile since we last heard some original music from Halsey - her 2015 debut Badlands made huge marks in the pop world. While not releasing any of her own music in 2016, she still owned the year by featuring in some of the year's biggest tracks like The Chainsmokers' 'Closer' and touring around the world for the record.

The wait for new Halsey music may soon be over, though! The artist revealed on Twitter today that she has been busy writing new music, and that she plans on releasing a new album this year. A fan asked whether or not she had plans to release music this year or in 2018, and she confirmed that we will be seeing a new Halsey record in 2017.

See the tweet here:

Halsey has only release one full length record so far and an EP before it. Her career took off this year and it's no surprise that everyone is antsy for some new music. It is unclear when she will be releasing the record or how much material has been written, but we know it won't be too far away now.