Roomtone's Warm Odes In The "Thousand Watts" EP Are Full Of Hope

Nothing lifts you up quite like a good, uplifting story. That's exactly what Roomtone delivers in his latest EP. Roomtone's warm odes in the Thousand Watts EP are full of hope, lifting up both your day and perhaps even your own soul.

There's a lot of familiarity to be found in the warm chords and melodies on the Thousand Watts EP. Opening title track 'Thousand Watts' sets the stage perfectly for the short but bright EP. It has a wonderful, small town atmosphere that really captures a warm summer or fall day, already inspiring a feeling of seizing the day with its tone alone. The warm and reflective track is uplifting, if not a bit somber in its hopeful lyrics: Alex Yaker solemnly chants "Is it over now? Bring us back somehow..." Perhaps wishful, but certainly hopeful, Yaker's lyrics in 'Thousand Watts' really capture those mixed feelings you feel on those days when you're reflecting but also looking ahead to do something greater.

The EP never loses its charm or warmth. Following track 'Been Trying' is more wholly uplifting in both sound and tone than the opening track, delivering a sentiment of never giving up, even in the face of adversity. The warm, folky, country guitar chords add to that message by offering a comforting backdrop to ease your senses. Closing track 'Danny's Guitar Shop' is an instrumental jam, but still offers the same warmth as the rest of the tracks. The swooning guitar lines seem to speak for themselves, moving freely but with a certain complexity that ties both fun and musicianship into one. It's a fun, chill way to end the record, Yaker bringing it out with an end-of-the-day jam with some friends to celebrate the good times ahead.

Roomtone's warm odes in the Thousand Watts EP are full of hope, mixing comforting country chords with uplifting and reflective lyrics - and some fun - to not only find optimism for the listeners, but to inspire himself, too.

Favorite Track: Thousand Watts

Least Favorite Track: Danny's Guitar Shop

Rating: 76 / 100

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