Juice WRLD - Death Race For Love (Album Review)

Through the plethora of trap rappers and soul singers comes music’s best culmination of both sides: Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD keeps things safe but catchy in his sophomore record Death Race For Love.

Juice WRLD is a different breed from the rest of his trap peers. Rather than jumping on the “I’m famous and I’m rich” train, Juice WRLD opts to be a normal person on this record. That allows for Death Race For Love to be an actually fun record. Care-free, relatable, yet still fittingly rambunctious songs like ‘Ring Ring‘ featuring Clever and ‘The Bees Knees‘ really add a sense of character and freedom to the record, especially as Juice WRLD discusses themes and ideas that the average person could embrace. Juice WRLD keeps things going from the very start right to the end, opening track ‘Empty‘ beginning the record nicely with some solid energy while ‘Make Believe‘ closes things off with catchy melodies and a chill vibe. Other tracks, like ‘Hear Me Calling‘ and ‘Flaws and Sins,‘ are a bit more basic and pop-oriented, but their nice melodies carry them through and keep them fun.

Though Death Race For Love certainly hits the nail on the head as far as catchiness and themes go, it does come with a slew of its own problems. One problem is it’s long tracklist. With over 20 songs and clocking in at an hour and twelve minutes long, it’s hard to deliver bangers while still trying to move things forward. There aren’t many inherently bad tracks, yet some like ‘Out My Way‘ clearly don’t meet the same standard as other tracks. Juice WRLD mostly does a good job at balancing the poppier tracks with the dynamic ones, with sweeter songs like ‘HeMotions‘ and ‘Fast‘ existing in harmony with more aggressive tracks like ‘Syphilis‘ and ‘ Big.’ For the most part, however, Juice WRLD at least meets the standard for what this record should be, never drifting too far off the desired path.

Juice WRLD balances character with accessibility in his sophomore record Death Race For Love, appealing to his listeners by diving into more human concepts and themes. Juice WRLD is just another one of us doing what he loves, and that’s apparent in his music. You can’t help but enjoy it to some degree because of that.

Favorite Track: The Bees Knees

Least Favorite Track: Out My Way

Rating: 70 / 100

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