Offset - FATHER OF 4 (Album Review)

The three Migos boys don’t have the greatest track record as far as their solo records go, but Offset has managed to set the standard just a bit higher. Offset brings some solid tracks in his debut studio album FATHER OF 4, not quite delivering fully but managing to keep things entertaining for the most part.

If Offset does one thing right, it’s that he keeps the drive of the record going. FATHER OF 4 stays pretty energetic for a majority of its run, with tracks like ‘Tats On My Face‘ and ‘Underrated‘ keeping a hint of aggression in the bars to keep things punchy as well.The first track that really pops out is ‘How Did I Get Here,‘ where Offset and J. Cole flow together effortlessly, keeping a threatening vibe to make their presence known. It’s much of the first half of the record where the most energetic tracks are, though not all make an impact: while aggressive, ‘Made Men‘ doesn’t quite make the cut.

Though Offset does deliver some great tracks on FATHER Of 4, it’s still not too great of a record. A majority of it remains boring and forgettable, tracks like ‘Legacy‘ which features both 21 Savage and Travis Scott falling pretty flat. Quavo joins the record on ‘On Fleek,’ where they unsurprisingly start flexing their richness above a basic beat. Cardi B adds a nice punch to ‘Clout,’ though the rest of the track keeps it pretty forgettable. It’s really the final run of songs that really just feel like filler to extend the record for no apparent reason. And with surprisingly refreshing tracks like the soulful ‘North Star‘ with CeeLo Green, it’s hard to believe that the same amount of thought went into some of these other tracks.

Offset delivers some strong tracks on his debut record FATHER OF 4, but still doesn’t quite meet the mark. A majority of the record remains forgettable, but it’s refreshing to hear some actually impressive tracks from anyone from the Migos camp. Perhaps 2019 has a lot left to offer from them.

Favorite Tracks: North Star, How Did I Get Here

Least Favorite Tracks: On Fleek, Made Men

Rating: 65 / 100

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