grandson - a modern tragedy, vol. 2 (EP Review)

Over the past year, grandson has built himself a steady and dedicated fanbase, no doubt thanks to his eclectic sound. His debut EP solidified his place as one of music’s hottest rising artists, and he’s back for more with his follow up. grandson expands his sound with fire and flair in his new EP a modern tragedy, vol. 2.

grandson certainly hasn’t lost his signature swagger since the release of a modern tragedy, vol. 1. ‘Apologize‘ opens the record, the song’s cool groove led by grandson’s distinct rhythms showing a less aggressive side to his music. The energy stays alive and well, though, with tracks like ‘Stigmata‘ and its great choruses and awesome drops. This EP is far less aggressive and much more introspective than his previous effort, ‘Is This What You Wanted‘ having a dejected way about it while the atmosphere of closing song ‘Darkside‘ is brooding and haunting. The darker tone to the record and grandson’s normal swagger come together in ‘Fallin (Temptation),’ finding a nice balance between both sides of grandson’s music.

grandson shows off a new side to his music while keeping is fire alive and well in his new EP a modern tragedy, vol. 2. Though not quite as impactful as the initial EP, this record still maintains grandson’s position as one of music’s most promising new artists. His attitude and character are unique and alive in his music, which promises only big things ahead for him.

Favorite Track: Stigmata

Least Favorite Track: Apologize

Rating: 75 / 100

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