Julia Michaels - Inner Monologue Part 1 (EP Review)

Of all the singer/songwriters on the market today, few are as honest as Julia Michaels. Whether its writing with other artists or making her own material, Julia Michaels knows how to dive deep into real emotions to create powerful music - that’s evident on her new EP, Inner Monologue Part 1.

Though short and sweet, Michaels takes no time to tell her story. The dejected ‘Anxiety‘ opens the record, Michaels immediately opening up about her struggles with mental health as the slow but understanding track moves along. Selena Gomez takes over for the second chorus, before the two join voices as they both express their own struggles with mental health in a beautiful and hopeful duet. Michaels continue to express her own mental battles in tracks like ‘Happy,’ where she painfully wonders “Sometimes I think I kill relationships for art... I just wanna be fucking happy.“ Michaels never sacrifices honesty for anything, even when things are hard to accept, such as in ‘Apple,’ where she fantasizes about living happily in a past relationship rather than living her current one.

Honesty is Michaels’ greatest strength in Inner Monologue Part 1, and it’s not always shown in a sad way. The other half of the EP is notably happier and more hopeful, such as the driven, energetic love song ‘Into You‘ The nice melodies of ‘Deep‘ treads a bit more on the sadder side, Michaels admitting she’s still suffering from the repercussions of past relationships, but the gentle and sweet delivery offers up a sense of hope that one day she’ll be able to completely move on. Closing track ‘What A Time‘ is an all around celebration with good vibes to take things out on, Niall Horan offering up his vocals to add a nice new tone to the record before it ends.

It’s not easy to be completely open with the world, but Michaels has a way of bringing that out in everyone: even herself. In her new EP Inner Monologue Part 1, Julia Michaels explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of life while opening up on her current life and her mental health. More artists should try and be as open as Michaels: her therapy is her music. And that can be true for everyone if they let their hearts flow with the melodies.

Favorite Track: Happy

Least Favorite Track: What A Time

Rating: 70 / 100

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