Backstreet Boys - DNA (Album Review)

Some may see the term “boy band” as a negative, but the Backstreet Boys have embraced the term wholly, and that has only empowered their sound. With the maturity of age and experience of life now under their belts, the Backstreet Boys return with a newfound youth in their first album in six years, DNA.

Though it’s been over two decades since they took the world by storm, the Backstreet Boys haven’t lost their touch. The album opens with the sweet ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,’ the dramatic and slow start showcasing the group’s fantastic vocals and harmonies. The vocals continue to shine throughout the album, from tracks like ‘Breathe‘ that more notably sees the vocals shine sweetly. It’s not all crooning, though: the Backstreet Boys get the energy rolling with tracks like ‘New Love,’ a punchy and confident bassline driving the great blend of melodies and harmonies. ‘Passionate‘ follows with a similarly punchy attitude, the energy rolling strong and proudly.

Age has only wisened the Backstreet Boys, and its evident in the writing of the record. Sweeter tracks about love, like the nice closing track ‘Ok‘ and ‘No Place,‘ are very genuine and thoughtful, drawing upon the band’s relationships with their spouses and kids. The record isn’t all optimism and hope, though. Tracks like ‘Nobody Else‘ take a more somber, yet still honest approach, calming things down to get a bit more intimate and real. The hope in the record is abundant otherwise, though, tracks like ‘Is It Just Me‘ and ‘Chances‘ lightening the mood mid-record.

While the trend of boy-bands come and go, you can never stop them from coming back. And with the Backstreet Boys, you’re always left hoping for more. The fruits of experience are apparent in the Backstreet Boys’ new album DNA as they share a new sense of maturity and passion through their music. Their heartthrob days are over, but perhaps their music has never been more honest.

Favorite Tracks: Passionate, New Love

Least Favorite Track: The Way It Was

Rating: 74 / 100

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