Erin Incoherent Shows Off Her Unique Sound In "Medusa"

You'd think that pretty much everything has been done in music already with how vast a culture it is, yet you can still find surprising blends if you look hard enough. Erin Incoherent shows off her unique sound in Medusa, highlighting her interesting storytelling and genre blend.

Erin Incoherent's sound is defined by her attitude. She has a punky demeanor to her with an underlying uncertainty, which makes this indie punk blend come to life so easily. Opening track 'Medusa' reveals this unique attitude, the haunting track being daunting in its seeming aggression but also has a bit of funk to it. 'Ulcer' highlights Erin Incoherent's storytelling more, the folky, angry tale explaining how it's not easy for her to open up, and even harder to feel like she's going to live up to expectations. 'Lose Myself' featuring Cinderblock is more of a cautionary tale, the folk influences coming out more.

Medusa is a relatively simple album, but its defined by its nuances. There's a lot of different vibes even given its simplicity, the cool vibe of 'Destroy' stands in contrast to the alternative warmth of 'Fallen,' while the big folky drive of 'Splinter' is given dynamic with its creepy undertones. There's a lot going on in Medusa that keeps you actively listening and engaged, keyed in on every note and word she has to offer. Closing track 'Disturbia Suburbia' keeps you just as enthralled as you were at the start, only this time it liberates you with its lighter and more cool feel.

Erin Incoherent shows off her unique sound in Medusa, her new record that highlights her approach to her music. It's a blend of genres that's never quite been done in this fashion, drawing from punk, folk, indie, and more to make this one surprisingly cohesive sound. It's a unique sound that definitely has potential to be something special.

Favorite Tracks: Disturbia Suburbia, Medusa

Least Favorite Track: Cheerleaders Smoke Crack

Rating: 77 / 100

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