Jon Of Earth Brings You Into His Own World In "The Art Of Drowning"

Being an artist of any kind gives you the unique ability to take an audience to a unique place. Everyone sees the world differently, including Ohio-native Jon Neiser. Now going solo, Jon Of Earth brings you into his own world in The Art Of Drowning, his debut solo record.

There's a lot of interesting and unique things at play in The Art Of Drowning that really sees Neiser establish himself. Opening track 'Seeing Ghost' immediately captures that unique perspective with its cool, faraway intro. That distant sound builds an atmosphere that leaves you ready for more, inviting your exploration into what he has to share. 'Feel The Pressure' gets even more dynamic with its strange psychedelic vibe, really taking things to another level. Not only are you met with this interesting sound, but it also feels like you get to see a moment of his past through his music. Neiser makes sure a piece of him is part of every song.

The Art Of Drowning is a pretty dynamic record all around. Neiser changes up the vibe with each track, jumping from the sluggish, trudging 'First Light' as he searches for a reason to move forward to the punchy 'Human.' Neiser ensures that the listener is never quite comfortable listening to the record, in that there's never a point where you can really expect what's coming next. Energy is abundant in tracks like 'Bohemian Deviant,' but absent afterwards. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, so that when the raucous chaos of 'Spastic' comes barreling through, you embrace it openly. 'So Rough' builds to a huge end before 'Spiritual Gorillas' ends the record on an interesting note.

Jon Of Earth brings you into his own world in The Art Of Drowning, his debut record that really shows the world who he is and his own little world through the music. There's a piece of him in every song of the record, and those pieces build a whole picture. What's also very important to note is that Neiser makes it clear that there's more yet to explore, but this small piece should carry you through until then.

Favorite Track: Feel The Pressure

Least Favorite Track: Spiritual Gorillas

Rating: 75 / 100

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