Fleetwood Mac Wore Their Hearts On Their Sleeves In "Rumours"

Fleetwood Mac is one of those bands that wins over everyone's hearts. A large part of that is due to the honesty of their music. They weren't afraid to put the struggles of their lives into the open, and did so through their music. Fleetwood Mac wore their hearts on their sleeves in Rumours, their timeless 1977 classic that documented one of the hardest times of their lives. 

There's a lot of pain written into Rumours, and that's largely from the inner turmoil the band faced during this time. Whilst writing the record, vocalist and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and vocalist Stevie Nicks had broken up, and that sorrow and struggle is evident in many songs. One such track: 'Dreams.' This track really exemplifies Fleetwood Mac's willingness to be transparent with their emotions, as the openly sad track documents not just Buckingham's and Nicks's split, but all of the emotional turmoil the band was going through at the time (which was a lot). Sad lines like "Thunder only happens when it's raining / Players only love you when they're playing" define the track, while other sad songs such as 'Don't Stop' continue to delve deep into that pain. Opening track 'Second Hand News' even sets the record up for the sadness, the upbeat track essentially creating a sense of fake belief in a happiness that just doesn't exist.

While much of Rumours is inspired by pain, much of it deals with trying to move forward. The most notable is 'Go Your Own Way,' a tragically optimistic song that essentially tells each member of the band, that even when times are rough and uncertain, no matter which path you choose to go down, it'll be okay. Some songs try to lift themselves up, like 'Songbird,' which croons of the self sacrifice in love. Another sad yet optimistic song, vocalist Christine McVie bittersweetly chants "For you, there'll be no more crying / For you, the sun will be shining / And I feel that when I'm with you / It's alright." Sometimes, it feels like the narrator has difficulty facing the truth, like in 'Never Going Back Again,' where the lack of lyrics is contrasted by the complex guitar, as if to try and hide behind a facade or complexity to hide their real feelings. Grander songs like 'I Don't Want To Know' and the dramatic 'The Chain' ring with that big 70s rock vibe, but not without a touch of darkness to make sure the real core message stays in tact.

Fleetwood Mac wore their hearts on their sleeves in Rumours. It's no mystery as to why this album is one of the most beloved in all of music: it's because the music comes straight from the soul. Amidst several personal tragedies, Fleetwood Mac banded together to turn their pain into something powerful, and Rumours was the beautiful result.

Favorite Tracks: The Chain, Go Your Own Way, Oh Daddy

Least Favorite Track: Gold Dust Woman

Rating: 82 / 100

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