U2 and Brian Eno Went For Weird In Passengers' "Original Soundtracks 1"

U2 and Brian Eno are no strangers to collaborating with each other, but it was in the collaborative project Passengers that they really explored something unique. U2 and Brian Eno went for weird in Passengers' Original Soundtracks 1, creating odd but cinematic pieces to serve as an imaginary soundtrack (mostly) for imaginary movies.

Save for a few tracks, Original Soundtracks 1 is composed of tracks meant to make the soundtracks for imaginary movies. The tracks that were meant for movies really sell the cinematic side, though. 'Your Blue Room' is one of the tracks, found in 1995's Beyond The Clouds. The way Bono's voice creeps up on you with the slow swells of the song adds to its drama early in the record. 'Miss Sarajevo' from the film with the same title is full of cinematic orchestras, and speaks to the city of Sarajevo itself with its final part. 'One Minute Warning' is the credits song for Ghost In The Shell, and its urgency and darkness certainly plays a strong role in the album's drama.

The rest of the record certainly plays towards the cinematic sound, but sometimes it's just a bit too strange. 'Elvis Ate America' is one of the more experimental pieces on the album that is really out there, and is more jarring than important. 'United Colours' brings the album to an weird, but slow start. There are moments that are pretty exhilarating, though, like the fast percussion and threatening bass of 'Always Forever Now' and the creepy atmosphere in 'A Different Kind Of Blue,' but largely just sort of off putting.

U2 and Brian Eno went for weird in Passengers' Original Soundtrack 1, managing to capture a cinematic sound but also getting lost in the weirdness of the sound. It's an interesting album, but a strange one. It has its charms, though.

Favorite Track: Miss Sarajevo

Least Favorite Track: Elvis Ate America

Rating: 72 / 100

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