Nostalghia Combined Dark Industrial With Pop In "Chrysalis"

Industrial music is often times oppressive and damning - not what you’d typically call “catchy.” There are plenty of exceptions, though. Nostalghia combined dark industrial with pop in Chrysalis, her dynamic 2014 debut.

Just because Chrysalis has elements of pop doesn’t mean it’s easy to swallow; as with any industrial record, there’s a shell you have to crack before you really get into it. Nostalghia certainly doesn’t make it easy to start with; Chrysalis keeps things pretty dark and jagged to start with. Title track ‘Chrysalis‘ opens the record with an eerie ambience, before ‘Homeostasis‘ kicks up full force. The elements of what makes this record catchy are present from the start: the wonderful melodies, the pulsing arpeggios, and the big orchestral elements add a lot of color to the track. ‘Stockholm Syndrome‘ follows up with more oppressive darkness, but the great drive and melodies keep it catchy.

The album gets lighter as it goes, but its haunting atmosphere remains. ‘Naked As A Hand‘ introduces a calmer vibe that’s maintained for the rest of the record, but the intensity comes right back in when ‘Cool For Chaos‘ kicks up. Tracks like ‘You & I‘ and ‘I’d Still Kill You‘ continue with more emotional dynamic, but still maintain those dark undertones. ‘Sunshiny Milk‘ almost feels like the darkness is stopping Nostalghia from moving forward as she sings about moving forward but with a sense of reluctance. The record ends with ‘The End,’ a more mysterious and soothing end but still leaves a heavy air of uncertainty. The darkness never leaves Chrysalis even when it seems to let up.

Nostalghia combined dark industrial with pop in Chrysalis, her dynamic debut that creates a very interesting blend of two seemingly opposite vibes. Her music has a certain catchiness to it that you can’t escape, even though the more intense, dark vibes seem to push you away. It’s the perfect combination of both sides of the spectrum.

Favorite Tracks: Homeostasis, Stockholm Syndrome

Least Favorite Track: Meek

Rating: 78 / 100

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