Junk Science Rages To Life In "Take The Blame"

The best way to deal with your emotions is to do it through music. Even angry music can help you heal, and that’s exactly what Junk Science tackles in their newest record. Junk Science rages to life in Take The Blame, channeling their distraught in order to create a strong record.

Junk Science really don’t mess around on this record. The nearly hour-long effort doesn’t have a song clocking under four minutes, so you know there’s a lot of emotion to be worked through here. Opening track ‘Perfect Time‘ brings the record to a huge start as the band bursts to life almost immediately with an awesome build up supporting them. The record continues with similar rage and intensity as it goes, few tracks failing to bring a great drive. ‘Conflict‘ roars with raucous guitars while the angry ‘Chemical Of Taste‘ finds its energy in its fruitful rage. Even closing track, title song ‘Take The Blame‘ releases energy almost therapeutically for Junk Science through its enraged atmosphere.

To make a good record, you can’t just stick to one idea and statically write about it. Junk Science approaches their anger in dynamic ways, helping diversify the record while still tackling one whole subject. The brooding nature of ‘Chains Of Conflict‘ adds a new dimension to the album, meanwhile the System Of A Down-like melodies in ‘Cynic‘ keep things fresh. The ten-minute epic ‘Palace‘ is like a rock journey, the track going through slowly building parts and wildly intense moments. The awesome guitars in ‘Bleed It‘ add a lot of energy to the record later on, too.

Junk Science rages to life in Take The Blame, their latest record that shows the band work through some of their roughest emotions through their rage. Perhaps a big old-school nu metal for its own good but confident all the same, Junk Science knows their crowd and knows how to connect with them.

Favorite Track: Palace

Least Favorite Track: Never Enough

Rating: 73 / 100

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