Chaser Bring Lots Of Energy In "Life I Used To Love" EP

Everyone loves some feel-good energy, and that’s exactly what Chaser offer in their latest EP. Chaser bring lots of energy in their Life I Used To Love EP, delivering it in several different ways to keep things fresh.

Life I Used To Love is an EP, so Chaser say what they need to say quickly. Opening track ‘Penniless' immediately shows Chaser’s attitude, bringing the EP to a big start. Chaser have this life-loving, daring, yet emotionally compromising all the same. the thrill of tracks like ‘Your Everything' and ‘Standby‘ really bringing some great energy to the mix. A more brooding swagger is present in ‘Loathe‘ to spice things up, before ‘Secondhand Opinions‘ brings some huge energy. ‘Scatterbrained‘ ends the record with less aggression and more of a cool drive to it, assuredly ending the record out with a giant attitude.

Chaser bring lots of energy in Life I Used To Love, their new EP that really shows that they’re ready to take over the world. Their attitude is optimistic in all the right ways: they’re ready to take on whatever comes their way, and want to bring that energy to you, too.

Favorite Track: Scatterbrained

Least Favorite Track: Secondhand Opinions

Rating: 75 / 100

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