CHVRCHES Usher In New Era With Anthemic 'Get Out'

It's been three years since CHVRCHES unleashed the atmospheric, powerful Every Open Eye back in 2015. From punchier synths and dreamy soundscapes, CHVRCHES progressed their sound further and added a new element to their sound. The same is true for their new era, where they seem to only be evolving more. CHVRCHES usher in a new era with the anthemic 'Get Out,' the lead single from their third album Love Is Dead.

'Get Out' immediately makes a strong impression with the thick, distorted synth and clapped percussion. Lauren Mayberry's sweet voice builds a wonderful dichotomy (as it often does) as the thick synth highlights the gentleness of her timbre. The choruses are more anthemic as Mayberry asks, "Can we get out, get out / Get, get, get out / Get, get, get out of here?" A subtle change you may not notice that does add an extra touch to the music is the acoustic drums used throughout the song - the band has stated they were experimenting with more acoustic instrumentation on this album, and it's shown on various fills and hits throughout 'Get Out.' 

The song is as anthemic and big as CHVRCHES get, and while its a great song overall, it does beg the question of how much CHVRCHES will be changing on this new record. The acoustic percussion is a nice touch, but it's not exactly the most direct addition to the song. All the same, it's not exactly a different sound for the band. It's doing what they've already proven they can do really well, but nothing exactly new. It'll be up to the album to see how much CHVRCHES are innovating here.

CHVRCHES usher in a new era with the anthemic 'Get Out,' an uplifting song with a big drive that's sure to lift you up. It shows the potential of innovation on the new album but doesn't bring it all to the surface. It's CHVRCHES doing what the know how with a bit of an added touch. The best is hopefully yet to come.

Rating: 87 / 100

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