Nothing But Thieves Breathed A New Life Into Rock With Their Debut Album

Nothing But Thieves has become one of the hottest bands on the rock market in recent years, and its clear to see why. Their sound is refreshing, as if the rockier side of Muse and thick riffs of Royal Blood had found the perfect compromise. Nothing But Thieves breathed a new life into rock with their debut album Nothing But Thieves.

Diversity is key for any good rock album, and Nothing But Thieves brought plenty of it. 'Excuse Me' opens the record nicely, the brooding guitar intro followed the run down vocals. It's a very sparse intro, but when the chorus comes in huge with the electrifying falsetto from Conor Mason, you know it's more than just another rock album without a punch. The grandiose of the chorus is subdued but definitely elevating the track, quickly leading into the urgency of 'Ban All The Music.' Talk about a killer start.

The best part of Nothing But Thieves is its range of sounds. From the awesome creepiness of 'Itch' to the heartwrenching ballad 'Lover, Please Stay,' Nothing But Thieves don't tread on one sound for too long. The latter half of the album is perhaps the most fluid: after your heart is broken by 'Lover, Please Stay,' 'Drawing Pins' comes in with a groovy, energetic drive. Closing track 'Tempt You (Evocatio)' is the dreamy blend of the entire record mixed into one enchanting ending, with falsettos, atmospheric piano, and an incredible build leading the album out on a high note. It's the perfect, thrilling conclusion.

Nothing But Thieves breathed a new life into rock with their debut album Nothing But Thieves. It's not necessarily a fact that Noting But Thieves is a band breaking ground (in reality, they're grabbing from other places where the ground was broken and bringing it all together), but the fact that they can so powerful and effectively tie all of it together to make something powerful. Their debut album was proof enough that they are here to stay. Their sophomore album, Broken Machines is bound to keep their creativity and power on a high - stay tuned for our review of it tonight.

Favorite Tracks: Lover, Please Stay; Tempt You (Evocatio); Excuse Me

Least Favorite Track: If I Get High

Rating: 81 / 100

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