Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos Join Forces For Funky 'Slide'

Calvin Harris is one of the leading voices in pop electronica, and he's now recruited some of hip-hops hottest acts to make one of the years' first club tunes. Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, and Migos have joined forces for the funky track 'Slide.'

The features on 'Slide' are more promising than the actual content of the track. Frank Ocean took the world by storm when he released his first new music in four years last year in the form of the audio/visual staircase constructing experience of Endless and the formal album Blond. Migos have been taking the world by storm (partly thanks to the "raindrop, drop top" meme), too, their album CULTURE dropping only a few weeks ago.

All that domination makes up for a pretty underwhelming track, for what it could have been. More or less the entirety of the track is the same, uninteresting dance beat acting as a background for Ocean's smooth crooning, with forgettable verses from Quavo and Offset jammed in between. You actually don't even realize when Migos' parts come in.

The redeeming parts of the track are few and far between, though it is a pretty tolerable track. It's not by any means brandishing to listen to, just a bit dull. The intro with the affected vocal gets obnoxious after awhile, but the sweet synth run that follows it is full of character - it's a real shame it doesn't assert itself more. Frank Ocean also sounds pretty good on the track, his croons sensual and groovy. His fans are starving for music still, even though his output was pretty good as of lately, so it's nice to see him in more places.

'Slide' could have been a lot more, but it just ends up being really boring and dull in the end. The Migos feature is put in there for the name drop, and Frank Ocean's contribution feels the same to an extent. The track doesn't change and evolve at all throughout, the song's redeeming factors only serving a single purpose on the entire track. It's a shame, since this song had so much potential.

Rating: 65 / 100

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