Sing Away Winter Blues With Weezer's 'Feels Like Summer'

Winter's almost over and spring's about to arrive, but for many around the U.S. it may feel like winter's wrath still won't let up. Fret not, because now you can sing away the winter blues with Weezer's new song 'Feels Like Summer!'

If there's one thing Weezer can do, it's deliver some anthems. 'Feels Like Summer' is full of swagger and a great sense of adventure. It's a very poppy track for Weezer, the verses opening with a very sparse instrumental featuring synth samples and piano chords. The pre-chorus is even more so, the build up featuring a very poppy melody that is pretty intense on the autotune before kicking into a waving chorus that chants "Yeah it feels like summer / When she was a lover to me." 

The things about 'Feels Like Summer' that makes it still maintain it's Weezer personality is the lyrics. It's just as cleverly sly as any other Weezer track, and while it may not be as iconic as anything from Pinkerton or even as big as anything from the White Album, the song still has a big summer pop rock vibe as it builds with a rash character and modern lyrics like "I'm an iceberg with a warm heart / I'm spiritual, not religious / I'm a Libra, if it matters / Shattered by an email." It may be one of Weezer's poppiest songs, but it's still Weezer where it counts.

Weezer's next album won't be out until this summer, but if they keep dropping treats like this, the wait will be well worth it. 'Feels Like Summer' will have you singing away winter blues before the cold departs. You'll still be singing it when summer actually does roll around, too. In fact, this song is so catchy you probably won't ever stop singing it. Not only is it a tight song, but it also sees a change for Weezer. Whatever they're cooking up, it's bound to be something interesting.

Rating: 88

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