twenty one pilots Share Dramatic Music Video For 'Heavydirtysoul'

The opening track from Blurryface is finally seeing some love. twenty one pilots have shared the long-anticipated music video for 'Heavydirtysoul,' the fourth single from the record release back in December.

The music video is dramatic in the classic twenty one pilots fashion. The video features Tyler Jospeh in the back of a car, a masked man driving it (presumably Blurryface, the subject of the album) while Josh Dun plays drums in the middle of the highway. The car quickly zooms past him, barely missing but a stray wheel that falls of the car sets his drum kit on fire.

Similar scenes continue until the song's breakdown, where the car falls apart to the sound of Dun's drumming. Joseph stands up in the disintegrating but still moving vehicle, unphased by its destruction and emptily stares off as he sings the song. The car catches fire and he jumps out to join Dun and his blazing drum kit on the highway to finish the track, as the car explodes in the background.

The music video exemplifies the song's plea for being saved from itself. The car slowly breaking apart to the drumming is symbolic of the effect of the music on the person, and that car's explosion sees the final burst of emotion from the song reaching a high. The music video does take awhile to really get going, but once the car really starts falling apart, the pace really picks up.

twenty one pilots are no stranger to drama - their live shows, music, and even their videos are a testament to that. Their music video for 'Heavydirtysoul' is dramatic and stays true to the song's meaning, but as a video itself it takes awhile to get going. twenty one pilots will be taking a break after they wrap up their touring this summer, so we can expect new music to be in the works before long. Hopefully they keep delivering the hard-hitting tracks.

Video Rating: 75 / 100

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