Katy Perry Brings The Groove In 'Chained To The Rhythm'

It's been three years since Katy Perry released Prism, and it seems her next effort is right around the corner. She's offered up the first taste of new music from the record with her groovy new song, 'Chained To The Rhythm.'

This song isn't quite like anything you've heard from Katy Perry before, but it still intrinsically sounds like her. Her anthemic vocals are still present, prompting nothing but attention and to get your body moving. Full of harmonies and running melodies, the song has a continuous flow that doesn't let up. Skip Marley, the grandson of the reggae legend Bob Marley, features in the song with a groovy verse in the bridge, building the song up to its big conclusion where he provides his own vocals. Marley's verse is one of the best part of the songs, being pretty lyrically smart and melodically pleasing.

Material wise, the song isn't that impressive. It's vocals are really the highlight, and that goes in line with the flow. The groovy, reggae inspired pop sound really lets this song move along sweetly. Instrumentally, it's a pretty average, the same loop playing throughout the track without offering up anything different. It's definitely a dance-oriented song, not meant to keep your attention beyond the vibe. After all, you probably wouldn't want anyone hearing the line "Stumbling around like a wasted zombie..."

Katy Perry brings the groove in 'Chained To The Rhythm' and maintains it throughout its playtime, but doesn't want to develop it beyond that. It's a pretty smart move, to be fair - this song is everything it should be. It's not overbearing by any means, and it also serves its purpose to deliver some dance vibes. Skip Marley also completely owns the vibe of the track too, making the end of the song huge. It's by no means an amazing song, but it's a fun and enjoyable one all the same. We can't wait to see what else Katy Perry has in store for her next album

Rating: 85 / 100

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