Tegan and Sara Sang Of All Their Romantic Woes In "The Con"

One of the hardest things anyone can ever face is a heartbreak. Often times, in our pain, we'll turn to music. A good heartbreak album is enough to help you feel better about and understand your own hurting. Tegan and Sara sang of all their romantic woes in The Con, where their words all relate to every emotion we feel in these times of susceptibility.

2007 was a time where rock was all about being sad. Tegan and Sara don't fall into the typical alternative rock style that dominated that era, but the messages are still brought across with the same importance. The Con has a lot of different sounds on it, though it opens on 'I Was Married' which has a poppier, gentler sound to it to bring the album to its start. The bass synth's wavy melody really helps the song flow; it continues on 'Relief Next To Me' which has a more upbeat vibe to it. 

The Con is undeniably angry, but in such a way that you can really relate to it. Many songs have brilliant harmonies between the two vocalists - 'Are You Ten Years Ago' has a great beat and fantastic harmonies, while ' ' is all about its melodies. The duality between Tegan Quin and Sara Quin really highlights the idea that anything you feel isn't exclusive to you - there are others there to help you. The Con isn't all about being angry at someone else, though; title track 'The Con' looks inward to see if it was you who was the problem. Tegan and Sara find time to have fun with their messages, satirizing the nature of relationships in 'Back In Your Head.'

Tegan and Sara sang of all their romantic woes in The Con, covering all bases and most importantly, making everyone feel, in the face of heartbreak, like they are not alone. Suffering by yourself is one of the hardest things to do, though even when you have no one, music will always be there to guide you.

Favorite Tracks: Floorplan, The Con, Call It Off

Least Favorite Track: Back In Your Head

Rating: 84 / 100

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