Led Zeppelin Pushed Boundaries In "Led Zeppelin III"

It's hard to follow Led Zeppelin. At first, with Led Zeppelin, they were setting themselves up to lead a genre with high energy. In Led Zeppelin II, they set a standard for powerful, infectious rock n' roll. Led Zeppelin pushed boundaries in Led Zeppelin III, forwarding themselves to be ahead of the rest while maintaining their status.

Led Zeppelin hit both sides of the spectrum on Led Zeppelin III. The open bombastically with the high energy, primal calls of 'Immigrant Song,' its punchy riff and wild vocalizations standing out as one of Zep's signature songs. 'Celebration Day' continues to bring the real classic rock sounds, some funky sounds thrown in there.

A large part of Led Zeppelin III is much more experimental than previous records. Most tracks feel like a callback to the band's blues-infused songs from their first record. 'Friends' picks up with the best of both, showcasing some brilliant guitar work as well as adding some bongos in for that extra effect. 'Since I've Been Loving You' takes a slightly darker shift while still maintaining the groove. Tracks like 'Gallows Pole' and 'Bron-Y-Aur Stomp' get a bit folky, as well. Closing track 'Hats Off To (Roy) Harper' takes some production liberties, trying some lo-fi vibes out to take the album out on a different note.

Led Zeppelin pushed boundaries in Led Zeppelin III, expanding their sphere of influence even further. The began a revolution, set a standard for it, then started toying with it. As you hear each consecutive record, it becomes clear why this band is so legendary. They weren't afraid to be the flagbearers for something huge.

Favorite Tracks: Since I've Been Loving You, Immigrant Song

Least Favorite Track: Tangerine

Rating: 75 / 100

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