Kings Of Leon - 'WALLS'

Kings Of Leon made a reputation out of their country meets indie rock sound. Their seventh album WALLS is due out next month, and they've now shared the second single from the album, the title track 'WALLS'.

'WALLS' is less of a touching song and more of a formulated attempt at it. The song's pretty simple - acoustic guitar, reverberating piano, and heartbeat kick drum, a lowly mixed distorted bass, and the occasional synth. Caleb Fallowill sings with a bright, country timbre throughout, singing about breaking down barriers between people. A bass synth slowly pulses in and out, an sometimes guitar plays a note.

That's just about it with this song. Outside it's initial charm, it doesn't really go anywhere. It misses a climax or any memorable hook to bring it anywhere. The music video certainly doesn't help that either. It's a slow zoom into Fallowill playing guitar and singing, and then he just starts... moving. It's incredibly awkward and the way he stares into the camera without any life in his eyes makes you feel uncomfortable. The video his little to do with the premise of the song.

The problem with 'WALLS' is that it's very underwhelming. There isn't any punch to it, nor is there any point in it being an acoustic track, since there is no emotional attachment to any of the instrumentals to the vocals. They set a tone but not a message, which is where the song fails. There's none of the band's signature vibes to it - the electrifying guitar lines, the catchy melodies, nothing. This song would be miles better if it built up to something bigger. Being a purely acoustic track does not suit it.

Kings Of Leon aren't heading in a hot direction if 'WALLS' is the title track of the album. The title track is usually the essence and heart of the album - 'WALLS' is more of a resting pulse than the core of something meaningful. With the album ahead in less than a month, all we can hope is that there's more to it than this track puts off.

Rating: 58 / 100