Racing Glaciers - Caught In The Strange

English rockers Racing Glaciers have burst powerfully into music with their debut LP, Caught In The Strange. It's a boggling record, beginning with subtly building tracks before massive rockers come into play later on.

Theirs two flavors on this record: the quiet, resonating guitar rock that start the record and the layered walls of sound that find their way into the end of some tracks. There's a quiet brilliance that can be found within tracks such as the eponymous 'Caught In The Strange' and its preceding instrumental interlude, the introspective 'Nag Champa'. A peaceful abode dominates much of the album - a flow of easygoing tracks build near the end of the record before it returns to its rockier side, beginning with 'Patient Man' and ending at the first chorus of 'Samadhi (So Far Away)', which bursts with energy.

The other half of the record is massive. It's less of a half and more isolated moments found in tracks, but they're much more memorable and really bring the album together. It begins with the first epic moment on the record, the huge jamming ending of 'Naked We Rise', building up brilliantly through its length. It starts with a chord that has just enough dissonance to sound correct, and you know something is coming. Even earlier in the record is 'Seems Like A Good Time', where the rhythm guitar's crunchiness gives the song a new level of drive. 'Carry It On' has a gentle guitar line that's fantastically simple, yet beautiful all the same before building into a giant jam at the end. 'Samadhi' is wholly a jam, the energy resonating right after the chorus begins. The final track 'Young and Unsure' is a lengthy acoustic build that introduces a brass section as it builds into an epic conclusion.

As far as debuts go, this one is huge. Racing Glaciers have carved a solid career out for themselves with this first record. Their sounds pillar up into harrowing jams and each track is definitively their own. It sparks originality and a bright future for this band. Caught In The Strange is a flying success.

Favorite Tracks: Naked We Rise, Samadhi, Young & Unsure

Least Favorite Track: Patient Man

Rating: 75 / 100