Moose Blood - Blush

High school is or was the time of our lives. The music of the mid-2000s really defined the teenage scene - no one can forget the infectious pop punk / alternative rock anthems from that era; Fall Out Boy's 'Dance, Dance' and 'Sugar, We're Going Down', We The Kings' 'Check Yes Juliet', and Paramore's 'Misery Business' were only some of the big gems from that time, and even today they define us in that time of our lives.

Some may say pop punk is dead. Moose Blood challenges that statement. Their sound is a combination of today's punk scene and that mid-2000s rock. They're a fresh new blend of two beloved genres, but at the same time, it's just what you expect - and want.

As refreshing a return to this style may be, it's not exactly groundbreaking. It's certainly nostalgic, but by no means anything new. 'Pastel' starts the album and brings the memories flooding back, but once you get past that it's really just an average track. 'Honey' is slightly better, being that relatable love song about a match made in heaven. Much of the album, specifically 'Knuckles' has the sound of Biffy Clyro if they played pop punk. The middle section in a bit boring with how familiar everything sounds...

The problem with this album is that it's something we've heard before. It's nothing new, just a nostalgia trip. It's not a bad album, per se, but once you get past the fact it's a throwback to an important part of your life, it loses its flair. And that's if that era of music was important to you. If you're just listening to a pop punk record, it does get boring towards the center. The last taste or interest is in 'Shimmer', which is a very personal track with a fantastic ending. But other than that, it's a pretty dull, "heard it all before" album.

Moose Blood brings a new hope to this style of pop punk, though. Their sound may not be anything new, but its a gateway for others to follow suit. The doors of pop punk are opening again, and Moose Blood were the ones who dared to push through them. Is a new wave of pop punk coming? The dead has just been brought back alive.

Favorite Tracks: Shimmer, Honey

Least Favorite Track: Cheek

Rating: 70 / 100