Desiigner - 'Tiimmy Turner'

Desiigner didn't exactly come in guns blazing with his debut project New English, released late last month. There was lots of criticism for it - and apparently he didn't want anything less than perfect remarks on it (sorry, man). He's back with his response to the haters, though. 'Tiimmy Turner' is his first new track since the mixtape's release, and it's his best song yet.

My major gripe with New English was that it sounded exactly like Future, an artist who, at this point, I am just completely sick of. His unchanging, monotonous flow and his tendency to rip himself off with every song is getting old. 'Tiimmy' feels different than that. Desiigner finally has an original sound he's starting to wrap himself around with now.

Now, I can't pass it up without saying; yes, the Future sound isn't completely gone. The intro and the second verse especially have Future written all over it. But this track has something that makes it bearable - replayable, even - that Future lacks. This song has a mood. Desiigner sings on this track and the melody is just fantastic. It has the progression of a spiritual chant, and really sets a creepy and brooding mood for the song. The way the bass synth imitates that line is also fantastic. The chorus also has a sense of melody to it that Desiigner didn't explore much with in New English, and it really does work for him. It sounds great - the Future rap style is passable with this because the entire song isn't the same exact sound and flow. There are clear differences and it really gives the track some integrity.

Another part of the track I love is the instrumental. The entire song has a progressive instrumental, beginning dark and plays to the mood of the vocal melody he sets up. The entire intro section is a cappella and sounds you could make with the human body - a bare bones approach to a track that grows over time. Snaps make way to a ghastly choir, backed by synths and a piano. Synths build up over time, punching in and out, making way for different elements. The best part of the instrumental, however, is the ending. Halfway through the final chorus, the instrumental changes completely. It develops a more positive resolution, as if its brining Desiigner into a new light. The song feels like an awakening, the instrumental being the revelation. The synth solo at the end is also a brilliant touch.

'Tiimmy Turner' is without a doubt Desiigner's best song. It isn't obnoxious like 'Panda', it doesn't rip off Future, and it feels original. It sounds fresh and new, something hip-hop hasn't heard in a long time. The way he plays with melody really accentuates the choruses and allows for the classic Future style of the verses to exist as independent flows. If Desiigner follows this direction, he's bound for success. This is his niche. Let's hope he doesn't miss that.

Rating: 87 / 100