Imagine Dragons Share Studio Version Of 'Believer' Featuring Lil Wayne

Imagine Dragons and Lil Wayne spent last night performing together during the CFB Halftime Show in San Francisco, California, and while the Internet slammed both artists, Imagine Dragons uploaded a new version of an old song to their YouTube channel. Imagine Dragons have shared a studio version of ‘Believer‘ featuring Lil Wayne, similar to the version the two artists performed together.

Much like the Internet’s reaction to their halftime performance, many fans aren’t reacting kindly to the new version of ‘Believer.’ The track is relatively unchanged, barring Lil Wayne’s new verse that replaces the normal second verse. Lil Wayne and Imagine Dragons have collaborated before: in 2016, for the track ‘Sucker For Pain‘ on the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

Listen to the new version of ‘Believer’ below:

What are your thoughts on the collaboration? Did the studio version pull it off better than they did live, vice versa, or do you think the entire project is a mess?