Stream MAKO DC's New Album "Timeless"

French and Irish rock band MAKO DC are starting the new year off right with a new record. You can stream MAKO DC’s new album Timeless now for free before it hits stores now!

MAKO DC have just put their new album Timeless up on their online store, and fans can listen to it for free. The record is also available for purchase, so you can get a physical copy or listen to the record in your personal library.

MAKO DC premiered Timeless a few weeks ago at a private acoustic performance, treating a small crowd of only 50 people to the album. The record was released under Rian Music. Timeless features eight tracks, including the big alternative banger, title track ‘Timeless,’ the dark and urgent ‘Suitcase,’ the award-winning ‘World Set Alight,’ and the brooding, explosive end ‘No Condition Here.’ This is the band’s sophomore record as MAKO DC (previously, the band was known as Cyclefly), the first being released all the way back in 2012. The album was delayed for years due to money issues, The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Timeless

  2. Life In Stereo

  3. Suitcase

  4. World Set Alight

  5. Adore

  6. Government Agent

  7. Runner

  8. No Condition Here

Buy or stream the record for free on the band’s website here. Timeless is available exclusively on MAKO DC’s website as of right now, but may hit streaming services in the future.

What are your thoughts on MAKO DC’s new record? MAKO DC is Declan O’Shea and Christian Montagne.